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Providing support for a loved one can often present questions and challenges. There are resources to support your efforts. If you or someone you know needs support during and after cancer treatment, your efforts can have a big impact on their ability to engage fully in their treatment and can positively impact quality of life.

The links below can be helpful:

Resources (General Caregiving):

American Cancer Society

Help Guide

Today's Caregiver

Resources (Cancer Caregiving):

Caregivers and Family

Cancer Care

Cancer Support Community Gilda's Club

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Living Beyond Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute

University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Resources (Caregiver Support):


Cancer Care

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Family Caregiver Alliance

National Institute of Health

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

For male/husband caregivers:

Cedars Sinai

Johns Hopkins - Cancer and the Family


Helping Children Cope with a Sick Loved One

American Cancer Society


Cancer Treatment Centers of America

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Books for Helping Children

American Cancer Society


Mothers with Cancer