Survivor Creates Eyebrow Tutorial To Show Others How To Draw Realistic Eyebrows

By Elizabeth Nelson

Many cancer patients lose more than just the hair on their heads when they go through chemotherapy. Luckily, if you’ve completely or partially lost your eyebrows, you can draw them on pretty realistically. That’s where Christina comes in.

Christina is a breast cancer survivor and a YouTuber who makes videos to help other cancer patients deal with their disease. She went through chemotherapy and knows all the tricks for taking care of your body during chemo, finding the best wigs and hats, and putting on makeup.

Photo: YouTube/Beedle Juice

This eyebrow tutorial will knock your socks off with its simple but detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. Christina never fully lost her eyebrows, but she lost enough of them that she’s feeling the need to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. So she invented this tutorial to show everybody else how she’s been doing her eyebrows for about two years. And it only takes about 10 minutes!

Photo: YouTube/Beedle Juice

One of the best things about this eyebrow video is that Christina doesn’t believe eyebrows have to be 100 percent perfect. She knows that real eyebrows are not exactly perfect, and she wants each viewer to draw the eyebrows they want, not the ones society says they should have. Once you watch this tutorial, you’ll realize real eyebrows are pretty overrated!

Photo: YouTube/Beedle Juice

In the video below, Christina will show you the products she uses to make her brows, teach you how to find the right point to start your lines, and give you detailed instructions on how to fill them in realistically. The bottom line here is that there’s really no “right” way. You can modify these instructions and do what works for you!

Photo: YouTube/Beedle Juice

Plus, she’ll share some anecdotes about how terribly her eyebrow-drawing experience started out to make you remember that you’re not alone if you can’t do it perfectly the first time! Just remember to draw them on faintly the first few times so your mistakes aren’t super noticeable.

Check it out!

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