Women's Health Conference 


This annual conference brings together our survivor community with medical experts for a series of informative talks and workshops. The impact of breast cancer doesn't end with active treatment and the Women's Health Conference helps to increase health literacy. Topics ranging from cancer treatment, medications, impact on cardiac health, bones and joints, cognitive function, nutrition, body image and sexuality are addressed. This program will be offered free of charge in early November. Check back for more details as plans come together. Below is a listing of previous speakers and links to many of past years' talks. 



Annual Women's Health Conference Series ~ 2022/2023


Breast Cancer Information Today, Treatment Decisions for Tomorrow.

This educational series is now complete.

Thank you to our speakers and sponsors! View recordings below.

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De-Escalating the Surgical Process - Dr. Sarah Pesek, Breast Surgeon, St. Peter's Health Partners

Missed the program? View recording HERE.

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Dr. Sarah Pesek's talk focused on current surgical options and how physicians tailor treatment to meet patient’s needs and optimize outcome. Dr. Pesek shared insights for evaluating patient factors along with medical facts so patients feel informed about treatment decisions.


The Latest Research on Breast Cancer - Douglas Conklin, PhD, Associate Professor, University at Albany, School of Public Health, Cancer Research Center

Missed the program? View recording HERE.

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Research scientist Dr. Douglas Conklin shared recent insights in the areas of cancer cell behavior and signaling and the impact on breast cancer treatment. Dr. Conklin and his team continue to investigate genetic behavior and impact on a breast cancer diagnosis.


Cardio-Oncology and Patient Care - Dr. Heather Stahura, Cardiologist, Capital Cardiology Associates

Missed the program? View recording HERE.

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Dr. Heather Stahura discussed how the growing field of cardio-oncology can help breast cancer survivors navigate cancer treatment and minimize impact on cardiovascular health.


How to Read Your Breast Pathology Report - Dr. Sandra Shin, Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Albany Medical Center

Missed the program? View recording HERE.


Dr. Sandra Shin is one of the nation's leading experts in breast pathology. She discussed how to read and understand your pathology report.

Past Women's Health Conference presenters and topics:

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Breast Cancer Recurrence: Managing the Fear & Living Your Life - Lillie Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, ONN-CB

Psychological Trauma & Breast Cancer - Cheryl Hysjulien, RN, PsyD

Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors - Julie Bosworth, RD, LDN

Integrative Therapiest in Breast Cancer Care - Ting Bao, MD, DABMA, MS


Breast Cancer and the Immune System - Dr. Alan Sanders

Sexual Self-Esteem, Intimacy and Breast Cancer - Bridget Finn, PhD

Cardiac Health and Breast Cancer - Dr. Heather Stahura

The Effects of Breast Cancer and Treatment on Bone Health - Dr. Mary Pat Roy

Cognitive Health and Breast Cancer Treatment - Jennifer Bremser, C.A.S., PhD

Metastatic and Complex Breast Cancer Diagnoses - Dr. Ajaz Khan, MD