Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a Capital Region where everyone affected by breast cancer has access to a trusted, independent community resource for comprehensive information, education, and support.


Our Mission

For those affected by breast cancer in the Capital Region, To Life! provides personal support, empowers informed decision-making, and enhances the quality of life. We do this by:

1.  Facilitating community support groups

2.  Providing individualized guidance and mentoring

3.  Delivering reliable and unbiased information and resources

4.  Presenting dynamic educational programming

5.  Offering personalized fittings for mastectomy products and wigs, and

6.  Developing community partners.


Values Statement

The following values inform our work:

➢ Accountability: We hold ourselves personally and collectively responsible to do right and adhere to ethical principles in an environment of openness and honesty.

➢ Community: We bring people together to foster connections among those impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis.

➢ Compassion: We have empathy for those affected by breast cancer, and for the trauma and issues that the person is experiencing at that moment, and we treat them with kindness and sensitivity.

➢ Dignity: We offer services from the perspective of those in need.

➢ Forward-Thinking: Our programs and services reflect current innovations in breast cancer care.

➢ Inclusivity: All Capital Region residents are served regardless of age, religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or financial status.

➢ Integrity: We operate with a moral compass that has the best interest of the survivor community at heart, leading us to deliver reliable and trusted information.

➢ Personal: Our priority is to offer a personalized and warm approach tailored to each individual’s needs.

➢ Safety: We provide a peer-to-peer refuge that nurtures fellowship and trust.

➢ Unbiased: We present credible information and options, instilling confidence, and supporting individual choices and holistic approaches.