Events & Community Outreach

To Life! is a community resource, your resource for the asking. Our ability to serve in this region is a reflection of the support we receive from individuals, businesses, community organizations, foundations, and other beneficiaries. We are governed by a committed Board of Directors, all volunteer-driven. As an independent not-for-profit organization (501)(c)(3) we serve a ten count region surrounding the Greater Capital Region. There are many ways to support our efforts and we invite you to be part of this incredible organization. There are many ways to contribute to our efforts!


Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, To Life! hosts a few fundraising events to offset the operational costs of our organization.  These events are organized and managed by volunteer committees and we invite your participation in many different ways. Click for more information on our fundraising events.

Ways to participate in one of our fundraising events:

  • Become a corporate sponsor
  • Attend an event
  • Donate an auction item
  • Make a monetary donation if you are unable to attend
  • Join one of our event committees and be part of an energetic team of volunteers who work together to create memorable and successful events
  • Organize a third party fundraiser at your place of employment, business, club, group, or school where the proceeds are donated to To Life!  We are happy to work with you to create this opportunity and will help promote the event.


Educational Events

To Life! offers educational programs on many topics and in many formats: from full-day conferences and half-day forums to evening lectures, small workshops, and wellness days.  Each program is designed to bring treatment leaders in touch with survivors, caregivers, family members, and friends.  The wide range of topics is each presented from the perspective of cancer survivors and are relevant to those currently in treatment, post-treatment, clinicians, caregivers, family, friends, and loved ones. Click for more information on our educational events.


Community Outreach

To Life!'s core mission is to serve our local community - the Greater Capital Region and surrounding cities, towns, and villages.  Our priority is to engage and form lasting relationships with medical and service providers, businesses, community members, and friends.

Our community outreach efforts include educating the public about important breast health practices and our free educational, support, and wellness programs as well as access to our wig and prostheses boutique services. Let us help you! Invite us to present a free Breast Health Workshop or participate as a vendor at your wellness/health fair, workplace, school or university, religious organization, hospital, or cancer center. We love to build community relationships!

Ways to support our community outreach efforts:

  • Organize a third-party fundraiser at your place of employment, business, club, group, or school with the proceeds being donated to To Life! We are happy to work with you to create this opportunity and will help promote the event.
  • Donate your time by volunteering at one of our events or community activities.
  • If you have a special skill or knowledge about health, nutrition, and wellness related to breast cancer offer to write an article or blog post for our website or lead a wellness class.
  • If you are an expert in the field of breast cancer, treatment, or cancer-related health and wellness offer to speak at one of our educational forums or wellness programs.
  • Volunteer your time and be part of our peer connection/mentoring program.
  • If you know of someone recently diagnosed, going through treatment or post-treatment tell them about us. We offer free support, wellness, and educational programs and have fitting services in Delmar, Saratoga Springs and Amsterdam.