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Past Educational Program Slides and Recordings


2022/2023 Women's Health Conference Series:
  • De-Escalating the Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer with Dr. Sarah Pesek - Program Recording
2022 Beat The Odds: Recent Progress and Emerging Challenges with Dr. Renzo Canetta - Program Recording
11th Annual Women's Health Conference Series ~ 2021/22:
  • Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors - Julie Bosworth, RD, LDN of Dana Farber - Nutrition Handouts
  • Psychological Trauma and Breast Cancer - Cheryl Hysjulien, RN, PsyD -  Program Recording
  • Breast Cancer Recurrence: Managing the Fear & Living Your Life - Lillie Shockeny, RN, BS, MAS, ONN-CG -  Program Recording


2021 Beat The Odds: Breast Cancer Immunotherapy:
10th Annual Women's Health Conference Series ~ 2020/2021:
2020 Beat The Odds: New Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatments & Understanding and Accessing Clinical Trials with Dr. Jung-Min Lee - click here to view slides