Breast Health Workshops

COVID-19 update: Until further notice, workshops will be held virtually.

Breast & Women’s Health Workshops

Breast Health Workshops Instructors provide one-on-one and group instruction on breast health, including recommendations for clinical screening and health self-advocacy, instruction on performing a breast self-exam (BSE), and information on breast cancer risk factors and risk-reduction strategies. Silicone breast models are used to teach women how to conduct a BSE and identify changes in breast tissue.

Our Support Services Program Manager will also provide basic information on other common women’s health and wellness issues, including fitness, nutrition, menopause, heart disease, stress, and depression. These workshop are provided free-of-charge and can be modified to address younger women—including high school health classes and college programs.

Call (518) 439-5975 to speak to our Support Services Manager and to schedule a Breast Health Workshop for your business, community group or classroom. 

Wellness Workshops

Throughout the year, To Life! organizes that are all about The Whole You, not just the part with cancer. Be part of a community with women who are ready to take charge and thrive. These wellness events are open to all women diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancers. Past session topics include Mindfulness, Nutrition, Wellness Therapies, and more! For more information or to find out more information; check our calendar, call 518-439-5975 or email us at