Most Frequently Asked Wig Questions

By Alice Dunican, Wig Fitter at To Life!


Question: What is the proper way to store your wig when I’m not wearing it?

Answer: The best place to store your wig is on a wig stand, (Given by To Life! when you purchase a wig at our boutique) By storing it this way, the wig gets proper air flow, and helps keep the fibers in their designated style. You should always store the wig out of direct sunlight or hot areas. This prevents fading, and dryness of the wig fibers.


Question: Can I use “any brush or comb” on my wig?

Answer:It is highly recommended that you use grooming tools that are recommended for your wig. Using a brush/comb designed for a wig prevents breakage and fraying of the wigs fibers, which can cause your wig to become fizzy and dry looking.


Question: How often should I was my wig?

Answer: Washing after 10-12 wears is best recommend.


Question: Why do I need to wash my synthetic wig?

Answer: To clean all scalp oils, sweat, and food smells from your wig.


Question: What should I use to cleanse my wig?

Answer: It is highly recommended, for optimum life of your wig, to use products such as “Henry Margu wig care products” to improve the life of your wig. It helps to use these proper wig care products to prevent dullness and breakdown of the wig fibers.


Question: How do I keep my wig in great shape?

Answer: Gently brush your wig before and after you wear it to prevent tangles.(unless your wig is curly. Lightly mist your curly wig with spray conditioner, use your fingers to release tangles, and scrunch) Store on a wig stand in a cool area, wash when needed.


Question: Why would I choose a synthetic wig over natural hair?

Answer: The number one reason for this is the “ease in care and maintaining” your wig. The style you choose is, shiny, healthy, and after washing, all you need to do is pat the wig dry with a towel, shake it out, (no brushing while wet) put it on your stand, and air dry. Once dry, gently brush your wig and it goes right into its designated style!


Question: How long will my wig last if I follow proper wig care?

Answer: Four months to one year.


Question: Will my wig be hot and itchy in the warmer months?

Answer: Not necessarily! Unless you are actively doing something, such as exercising. However, if this is a concern, monofilament (hand knotted) wigs are perfect for greater air circulation, and a cooler feel.


Question: What are the benefits of having a synthetic wig?

Answer: Easy care, style memory, versatility, lower in cost, easy to maintain, and natural looking.

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