Hello Dear Reader,


My name is Judy Rosch and I have been a volunteer for To Life! for a few years at least.  It has been such a beautiful and fulfilling experience for me to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful, inspiring, courageous women as well as having the opportunity to offer the gift of energy healing to those seeking it. I am a retired RN and have certificates in the three levels of Reiki. After completing my Reiki training, I found that I was truly passionate about using healing modality to support self-healing and those of others.  I continued my studies at the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing that truly changed my life.  It provided me with the education, tools and experiences necessary to work with the Human-Conscious System and its relationship to optimum health. With a holistic approach, the laying on of hands and connecting to the human energy field, as well as supporting the individual as a listener, mirror and partner, I am able to assist a person on his/her own process of healing. What may be experienced as physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges the individual discovers his/her own unique path in life which transforms to a more centered, balanced and loving lifestyle. This may then manifest in personal and professional fulfillment.


As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, I support and work in conjunction with doctors and other professional health care providers.  When a person comes to me with a specific clinical injury or disease, it is required that that person be under the care of a licensed medical professional.  


I have been supporting individuals on their journey to well-being for 25 years and it has been my experience that these healing sessions remove energetic blocks that lead to "dis-ease" and enhance the body's natural healing capacity.


Clients report the following benefits from a Brennan Healing Science session:


            -Deep relaxation

            -Less pain and/or relief from pain

            -Promotes healing and recovery after surgery

            -Prepares one for scheduled surgery

            -Supports healing of an acute injury

            -Management and improvement of chronic illnesses

            -Improves one’s relationship to self and others

            -Removes energy blocks, clears and charges one’s energy bodies as well as the 

              physical body

            -Supports spiritual and emotional growth


During this life altering time that we are experiencing now, I am available for healing sessions virtually through To Life! For appointments, please contact me directly at judy.rosch@gmail.com.


May you experience Love, Light and Peace.


Judy Rosch


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