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Mastectomy Bras, Camisoles and Post Surgical Prostheses

To Life! offers solutions for women undergoing any type of breast surgery, including lumpectomy, unilateral mastectomy, and bilateral mastectomy. Our fitters also work with women who will have reconstruction. Breast prostheses, bras, and surgical camisoles are available in many styles and size choices.

We welcome you to visit our boutique prior to your surgery or schedule your appointment following your procedure. Consultations and fitting appointmentsQuote box 4.JPG are scheduled so that clients have ample time with our fitters and to shop. Our boutiques offer privacy in a comfortable setting. Fitting hours in the Delmar boutique are Tuesdays and Fridays and in the Saratoga boutique on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Fitting services are complimentary at To Life! The only cost you are responsible for is the product itself. We accept insurance payments from many local insurance providers including CDPHP, MVP, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NENY and Empire Blue Cross. Check with your insurance carrier prior to your appointment and alert the To Life! staff when making your appointment. Should we not participate with your insurance provider, please know that we have options for supporting your needs and won't turn anyone away. For more information on insurance coverage please click HERE.

To Life!’s goal is to ensure you are able to achieve the look you want and will feel comfortable with. To schedule your appointment or if you have questions please call 518-439-5975.


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Our Boutique Fitters:                          

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Susan Vink-Lainas

FAQs on How to Choose and Buy a Breast Prosthesis and Mastectomy Bra

One of the services offered at To Life! is the proper fitting of breast prostheses (also called breast forms).  After breast cancer surgery, a woman can take control of her appearance and boost her self-esteem with the proper fit of a breast prosthesis.  This can make a big difference in a woman’s self-image.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers concerning breast forms:

“Why should I have a ‘proper fit’?”
A properly fitting breast prosthesis will balance your appearance, prevent your bra from moving around, keep your spine in alignment and balance weight on your shoulders.  They are designed to mimic the weight and shape of your natural breast.  It is our goal at To Life! to find a prosthesis that is the right size and shape for you and your lifestyle. 

“When should I have my first fitting?”
After surgery, your surgeon will recommend the appropriate time for you to start wearing a breast prosthesis. This largely depends upon the post-operative healing process and the type of mastectomy that was performed.  While we appreciate that many women in the post-mastectomy phase of recovery are quickly ready to get back to normal or at least establish a “new normal”, it is a good idea to wait at least five to six weeks post-surgery to ensure all swelling has gone down.  Your measurements will not be accurate if you are swollen. 

“What should I wear to a fitting?”
You should wear what you normally wear in your everyday life.  Part of the fitting is seeing how your clothes fit and look when you are wearing the prosthesis.  A snug-fitting, design-free top will offer you the best idea of how proportional and symmetrical the breast prosthesis is to your body. 

“How are prostheses sized?”
Breast prostheses are available in different shapes, sizes, and skin tones.  You will be fit to a shape that best conforms to your body shape and matches your existing breast (for unilateral patients).  The forms are not sized like a bra so you can't count on getting a form that fits by referencing your bra size.  Our fitters can help you find a style and size that works best for you. 

“What do they look like?”
Some forms are symmetrical, so they can be used on either side, and some forms are designed to be asymmetrical (used only on your right or left side).

“What are they made of?”
Some are made of silicone and some are made of fiberfill.   A silicone breast prosthesis is closest to imitating breast tissue in weight and drape.  A good prosthesis will also have some movement similar to your real breast.  Some silicone breast prostheses are designed to be worn in the pocket of a mastectomy bra and some are designed to adhere directly to the chest wall.

A fiberfill breast form is very lightweight, although some do come “weighted.”  It is a good idea to ask your fitter about the pros and cons of a fiberfill breast form.  These forms may not be the best option for some women because they may be too light.  Fiberfill breast forms are designed to be worn in the pocket of a mastectomy bra.

To Life! has a wide variety of breast prostheses and breast forms and our fitters are knowledgeable in what each form has to offer.  The fitters will help you find a prosthesis that's the proper shape, size, and weight for your lifestyle and your body.

“Is it comfortable to wear a prosthesis?”
The fit and comfort of a prosthesis are very individual.  The prosthesis is designed to mimic the weight of the existing breast and the existing breast can be surprisingly heavy.  The industry has come a long way in offering silicone prostheses that are lighter weight and cooler.  Our fitters can show you the latest in lightweight silicone prostheses.

“How do I take care of my prosthesis?”
Simply wash them with a mild soap, towel dry them, and put them in their box when they are not being worn is all the care and maintenance they need. 

“Will my insurance cover the cost of my prosthesis?”
Insurance companies typically provide coverage for one prosthesis every two years for unilateral patients or two prostheses every two years for bilateral patients.  Because of that two-year limit, it is very important to be sized correctly.  If you are sized incorrectly, you will not be eligible to re-submit for the correctly sized prosthesis for two years.  That is why we recommend waiting until all of your swelling has gone down. We participate with many of the main providers in the area, including CDPHP, Medicare, MVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Northeastern NY, and Empire Blue Cross. For more information on our insurance policies and guidelines, please head HERE. 

“Do I need a prescription?”
Your doctor will need to write a prescription for “mastectomy bras” and a “breast prosthesis” if you plan to submit these products to your insurance company. You will need to bring the prescription with you to your appointment. 

“When do I get the mastectomy bra?”
Your fitting for the breast prosthesis will include a mastectomy bra fitting.  The fitter will measure you to determine your bra band size and your cup size.  If you have had bilateral surgery, you will tell the fitter the cup size you want to be.  To Life! offers many options for mastectomy bras including seamed, seamless, molded cup, camisole bras, and sports bras. 

“How much does it cost?”
Fitting services at To Life! are complimentary, provided by certified mastectomy fitters.  There are costs associated with the products. We participate with some insurance companies, including Medicare.  However, should we not participate with your insurance company, please know that we have options for supporting your needs and will not turn anyone away.  Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information on how we may best serve you.

Our goal at To Life! is to ensure your breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra needs are met properly and in a stress-free manner.  A proper fitting at the right time is the best way to attain that goal. Please feel free to contact our fitters with any questions you may have.

Delmar Boutique: Connie Bannigan (518) 439-5975 

Saratoga Boutique: Susan Vink-Lainas (518) 587-3820