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Breast Health Outreach

An essential element of good breast health includes vigilance, adherence to a screening regimen, regular ob/gyn check-ups and personal breast self-exams. To Life! staff and trained volunteers provide one on one and small group education.

To Life!’s trained breast health educators offer instruction on performing a breast self-exam (BSE), and information on breast cancer risk factors and risk-reduction strategies.

To Life! has an ongoing partnership with Centro Civico, providing outreach to special needs communities. Our Breast Health Mentor will assist with cultural, language and social barriers that often impede access to health care. The approach includes: one-on-one and small group mentoring, a bi-lingual support group, educational programs and breast health workshops. Inquiries should be directed to Centro Civico at (518) 842-3762 or To Life! office at (518) 439-5975.

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