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Boutique Services

Your treatment may include surgery, treatments, medications that will affect your physical appearance. Let the To Life! boutique and fitting services assist you.

Wigs, Hats and Head Coverings
You will be pleased with the quality and selection of wigs in each of our wig boutiques. Classic and trendy styles with many color choices. Vary your look with hats and other hair coverings.

Breast prosthesis, bras, surgical camisoles
To Life! is pleased to offer personalized fitting services for women who have had surgical procedures related to breast cancer: mastectomies, lumpectomies and breast reconstruction.

Fittings are provided by trained staff in both Delmar and Saratoga Springs.  Fitting services are available by appointment.  To schedule yours, or ask questions of our fitters, call us at 518-439-5975.