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Younger Women

Although the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are over the age of sixty, a significant number of women in their 40's, 30's and even 20's, are diagnosed each year. Younger women face different issues from older women both medically and based on their life stage.

To Life! partners with the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) to support younger women dealing with breast cancer. YSC develops networks designed for breast cancer survivors diagnosed in their 40’s or younger. Whether you have just been diagnosed, are still in treatment or are several years out, join us to connect with others. Share resources, ask questions, make new friends and be assured that you are not alone. Find more information at

YSC Face2Face Meetup Support Group

For more information: email or call To Life! Support Services Manager, Melanie McCulley at 518-439-5975.

Funding for the support group program was made possible in part by Susan G. Komen Foundation, the NYS Department of Health, the Michaelson Family Foundation and other private contributors. The views expressed by facilitators do not necessarily reflect the views of our contributors or the official policies of the State of NY. 

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