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Women's Health Conference

We take one day each year to explore a variety of topics related to breast cancer and women’s health. The conference features a dozen presentations featuring experts from our community, serving our community – large forum talks and small group workshops.  Topics will be relevant to seasoned health care professionals and survivors currently in treatment or well past active treatment. To Life! offers continuing education credits for nursing professionals. Cost is free of charge, registration is required. Once registration opens up for the next conference, the link will be provided below. The Women’s Health Conference takes place in mid-November in Latham, NY.

Testimonials from past attendees:

"I learned so much and the speakers were great!"

"The speakers and staff were so friendly!  I loved having the ability to meet presenters and survivors in such a comfortable environment."

"I loved how friendly all the participants were. The day was very informative and I learned more here than I did at my doctor’s office."

"I loved interacting with clinical professionals and survivors."


Past presenters and topics:

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Vitamin D – Jo Ellen Welsh

Immune Therapy – Maria Theodoulou Md

Breast Cancer Drug therapy – Michael Masterson RPh

Post Cancer Screening – Liz Malloy RTR

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction – Heidi Pucs MD

On Being Mortal - Patricia Ford MD

Lymphedma – Mary Ryan CLT

Costs of Cancer Treatment – Jenny Romero MD


Radiation Therapy – Arsyl DeJesus, MD

Hormones in Breast Cancer – Jo Ellen Welsh, PhD

Treating HR Positive Breast Cancer – Rufus Collea

Living with Cancer as a Chronic Illness – Patricia Fennell LCSW-R

Genetics in Breast Cancer - Lindsey Moore MS

Reconstruction Update – Kristen Rezak MD

Complementary Therapy Benefits – Sharon Wheeler MS

Types of Breast Cancer – Martin Tenniswood PhD

Gynecological Cancers – Heidi Goodoy MD


Patient Centered Cancer Care – Sabrina Mosseau, OCN

Nano Medicine – Nicole Neu-Baker MPH

Breast Screening Panel – Kirsten Cestaro, Karen Tedesco, Sabrina Mosseau, Mara Ginsberg

Disparities in Health Care - MA Wilma Alvarado-Little

Cultural Literacy – MA Wilma Alvarado-Little

Being Your Own Health Care Advocate – Beth Van Bladel, Capital Region Patient Advocacy

Hyperbaric Treatment – Kevin Harrison MD

Medical Benefits of Complementary Therapy – Diane Stredny RN

Lymphedema – Sandie Sanderson BSMS

Massage Therapy – Mary Sloan LMT

Oncology Nutrition – Joyce Bagyi RD

Developing Resilience – Lorriaine Seidel MS RN


Reconstruction Options – Malcom Roth MD

Genomics - Douglas Conklin PhD

Cancer Research and Clinical Trials Panel - Lawrence Garbo, Gerry Ann Currier, Danielle Cookes MPH

Cultural Sensitivity – Arsyl DeJesus MD

BPA Issues – Martin Tenniswood PhD

Medical Marijuana – Eileen Koniezny RN, Julie Netherland PhD

Obesity and Cancer – Mark Pettus MD

Intimacy after Breast Cancer – Vicki Yattaw

Screening Options – Michael Masone RT, Tasha Ostapezu, NYS Cancer Services


Cancer Genomics Research – Douglas Conklin PhD

Breast and Gynecologial Cancers - Maureen Killackey MD

Inflammation – Ann Tobin MD

Genetic Testing – Luba Djurdjinovic, MS

Advancements in Treatment and Detection - Donna Petrocola, MD

Prevention of Breast Cancer – Thomas Anderson MD

Cultural Sensitivity in Treatment – Ladan Alomar, Centro Civico

Managing Treatment Side Effects - Ronald Stram MD

Oncology Nutrition – Jennifer Ives RD

Meditation – Tom Bojarski, Ed D


Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment - Martin Tenniswood PhD

Cancer Services Program Screening Services - Kathy DiCaprio

Cultural Sensitivity, Engaging Minority Populations - Ladan Alomar, Centro Civico

How Genes Affect Your Health – BRCA I&2, Janet Gargiula MD

Newly Diagnosed – What to do? Sabrina Mosseau, OCN

Lymphedema - Kathryn Anilowski MS, CLT

Hormone Status Significance – Jenny Romero MD

Hyperbaric Treatment - Ivan Hernandez MD

Fitness and Nutrition Tools - Mary Katherine Ibbetson Certified Personal Trainer

Rebuilding Life after Cancer - Karen Carey Life Coach

Finding a Spiritual Center in Cancer Wellness - Diane Cameron Pascone

Managing Treatment Side Effects with Complementary Therapies - Ronald Stram MD