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Breast Health Workshops

Breast Health Workshops for Businesses & Community Organizations

Breast Health workshops clearly and persuasively explain how nutrition, biology and lifestyle can affect breast health and disease development. Focusing on good health and risk reduction, these continuing education sessions are led by To Life! professional staff and experienced volunteer breast health presenters. Designed for adults, this 45 - 60-minute presentation clearly and persuasively addresses risk indicators for breast cancer and how lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise and environment can affect breast health and disease development. If time allows, information on women's’ gynecological cancer risks and warning signs can be included.

  • Includes information on screening guidelines, screening locations and insurance coverage.
  • Addresses risk factors, genetics and genetic testing.

Our workshops are offered throughout the To Life! coverage area, presenters will travel to community centers, workplaces and other group settings. Businesses and organizations are welcome to invite us in for a “lunch and learn” session, staff development and workplace wellness programs or as part of your community education agenda. Workshops are provided free of charge. Make it a priority to get the facts and schedule a workshop for your group today. Call us at (518) 439-5975 to schedule a workshop at your site or in a community space.