During Treatment

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During Treatment

You've been diagnosed with breast cancer and are now entering the treatment stage.  There are many ways to treat breast cancer.  Your medical team will suggest the best, most comprehensive and scientifically advanced treatments available to them for your specific diagnosis.  Treatment may include surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies.  Each has its own purpose and goal and you have what it takes to get through.  As your treatment progresses, you may experience side effects that impact your physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and overall well-being.  Don't go it alone.  Talk to your medical team, they are there to help and so is To Life!  

Boutique Services
Your treatment may include surgery, treatments, medications that will affect your physical appearance.  Let the To Life! boutique and fitting services assist you. We provide a private atmosphere for fittings in both our Wig boutiques and our Mastectomy boutiques.

Support Services
Support groups provide a safe place to share feelings and information that remains confidential. Group facilitators guide women through thoughtful discussion. Surround yourself with women who understand. 

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