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Body image and sexual health are two especially burdensome issues to be dealt with after breast cancer treatment, especially by young adults. This presentation by Ann Partridge MD, MPH from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference, 2020, presents research and potential solutions for women dealing with these important issues.
A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can bring a mixture of emotions, including anxiety and depression...Don’t be shy about seeking out mental health professionals for support. You won’t need it forever, but it can help during this time.
When it comes to coping with the life-changing reality of a breast cancer diagnosis — and navigating the confusing world of treatment options — a strong support system is crucial.
One in five adults diagnosed with cancer has a child under the age of 18. Here’s how to talk about breast cancer with kids, according to experts and women who’ve lived through a diagnosis.
Being thrust into a whirlwind of shock, confusion, anger after a breast cancer diagnosis can feel like a lesson in losing control. So, we asked around the Rethink community and came up with a list of considerations to keep in mind to help those who are newly diagnosed reclaim a sense of agency during this time.