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Lymphedema is a problem that may occur after cancer surgery when lymph nodes are removed. Lymphedema can occur months or years after treatment.
The US Food and Drug Administration is alerting the public about certain cancers -- including squamous cell carcinoma and various lymphomas -- that have been reported in the scar tissue that forms around breast implants.
When you’ve first been diagnosed with breast cancer, a big question on your mind will likely be: How bad is it? Doctors determine how advanced cancer is through the diagnosis and staging process, labeling your cancer with a stage between 0 and 4.
Health literacy means your ability to collect and understand your health information so you can make the best decisions for your unique situation.
Until recently, the medical community didn’t have data on breast cancer rates in the transgender community. Transgender people have historically faced large amounts of discrimination, and data often wasn’t taken or recorded appropriately.
New research highlights the importance of healthy vitamin D levels in Black and Hispanic women.
While anyone can experience breast pain, it’s more common in people with female sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play a big role in the fluctuation of breast tissue structure and size.
Bone loss is a natural part of aging — especially due to menopause for women — but certain cancer treatments and prolonged cancer survival can increase the risk for bone loss and the related outcome of fractures.