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How I Reclaimed My Cancerversary
By Emily Piercell

This is my third cancerversary so didn’t think it would be a big deal. Read More

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What women need to know about breast cancer and heart disease
By American Heart Association News

Red dresses and pink ribbons have helped millions of Americans become aware of the separate tolls heart disease and breast cancer take on women. But not everyone is aware of how the illnesses can intersect.Read More

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Cognitive impairment (chemo brain)
Breast Cancer Now: The research & care charity

During and following breast cancer treatment some people find it difficult to concentrate or feel more forgetful. This is sometimes referred to as ‘chemo brain’ or ‘chemo fog’. It usually improves over time after treatment has finished, but for some people it can continue. It can be very frustrating and have a big impact on daily life. Read More

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Tips for Exercising During and After Cancer Treatment

Studies have shown that exercise may help reduce the risk of recurrence in cancer patients. It has also been shown to help elevate mood, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy, and help reduce symptoms of treatment-related side effects, such as neuropathy.Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes hair to fall out in small patches, which can be unnoticeable. These patches may connect, however, and then become noticeable. There is no cure but there are treatments that can help and ways to cover up the hair loss.Read More

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Self-Care is Essential to Health
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP Support Services Program Manager

September is Self-Care Awareness Month and a good time to commit to self-care practices or assess those you have and see if your needs have changed and it’s time for new or additional ones. Read More

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5 Tips for Coping with Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Theodora Blanchfield

Fear of breast cancer recurrence is common among survivors — but it doesn’t have to control your life. Read More

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Barbara Spalding's Story: Maintain a Healthy Weight with the New American Plate
Stories of Impact: The American Cancer Institute for Research

Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, registered dietitian Barbara Spalding has learned a lot about navigating the side effects of cancer treatment while eating a nutritious diet.Read More

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When do I decide if I want a head covering?
By Chris BretonAssistant Executive Director of To Life!

We can often feel like we have lost control over so many facets of our lives after being diagnosed with breast cancer, but I personally found that the more tasks I was able to take care of before starting treatment, the more I felt like I could maintain a little bit of that control. Read More

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Book Review: Eat to Beat Disease
By Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHPTo Life! Support Service Program Manager

I’ve just completed Dr. William Li’s 2019 book, Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. I read an inordinate number of books and research articles on breast cancer, diet and nutrition, holistic approaches to health, and the body’s self-healing mechanisms, but this book particularly caught my attention with its empowering message, scientific research, readability, and focus on: angiogenesis (the process the body uses to grow blood vessels), regeneration, gut microbiome, immunity, and DNA protection. Read More

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Thank You, Scars, for Reminding Me That I Survived
By Paige Stables, Beauty Editor at Allure Magazine

I am who I am today because of you.Read More

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What Breast Cancer Survivors Need To Know About Osteoporosis
NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center

Women who have had breast cancer treatment may be at increased risk for osteoporosis and fracture. Estrogen has a protective effect on bone, and reduced levels of the hormone trigger bone loss. Read More

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HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Diet

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers. Almost 25 percent of people newly diagnosed with cancer have breast cancer. One in 5 people with breast cancer have a type called HER2-positive.Read More

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Dear World, You're Not Going To Have The Year You Thought You'd Have
By Marc Silver

That's what a nurse told my wife and me after my wife was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.Read More

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BRCA Gene Mutations
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

All women have BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, but only some women have mutations in those genes. Read More

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Reopening To Life! Style
by Eileen Howe BirdExecutive Director of To Life!

After months of working remotely, engaging via telephone, web conferencing, email and texts, we have started a measured process of reopening our physical doors for wig, mastectomy garment and prostheses services. Read More

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Flexing Some Muscle to Relieve Joint Pain
by Dara Chadwick

Exercise and acupuncture use the body’s physiology to relieve joint pain caused by hormonal treatments after breast cancer.Read More

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Breast Cancer: About Clinical Trials

Doctors and scientists are always looking for better ways to care for people with breast cancer. To make scientific advances, doctors design research studies involving volunteers, called clinical trials. In fact, every drug that is now approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was tested in clinical trials.Read More

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Sun care after breast cancer treatment

You may be concerned about the effects of hot weather during and after breast cancer treatment.Read More

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Expert Tips on Eating Well During Chemotherapy
by Suzanne Dixon, M.P.H., M.S., R.D.N.

Since chemotherapy knocks down the immune system, are there any foods you would tell people to avoid during chemotherapy?Read More

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Tratamiento del cáncer de seno triple negativo

Los cánceres de seno triple negativos no contienen receptores de estrógeno ni de progesterona. Tampoco producen exceso de proteína HER2. Debido a que las células cancerosas carecen de estas proteínas, las opciones de tratamiento para el cáncer de seno triple negativo son limitadas.Read More

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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

What is triple-negative breast cancer?Read More

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Breast Calcifications

What are breast calcifications? How are they found? Do they increase my risk of breast cancer?Read More

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Emotional Stages of Breast Cancer
By Pam Stephan and Fact checked by Ashley Hall

People often experience a wide range of emotions with breast cancer, and these can change with different stages in the journey. What might you or a loved one expect at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and on to survivorship? Read More

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What I Wish I Knew: Dealing with sexual side effects
By: Eric FitzsimmonsLiving Beyond Breast Cancer -

After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, Roberta Albany was not expecting more surprises from treatments. The healthcare team prepared her for hair loss, for pain, for drains, for fatigue, and the many other effects of treatment for stage II, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. But...Read More

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BCRF-Supported Study Details Potential New Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

In a study published in Cancer Research, BCRF researchers Drs. Jill Bargonetti and Funmi Olopade report a possible new treatment strategy that targets vulnerabilities in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a particularly aggressive form of the disease with limited treatment options. Read More

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Support Groups: Make Connections, Get Help
By Mayo Clinic Staff

If you're facing a major illness or stressful life change, you don't have to go it alone. A support group can help. Find out how to choose the right one.Read More

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16 People Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer Share Advice for the Newly Diagnosed
Written by: Adam Leitenberger, Editorial Director

When you’re first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) — breast cancer that has spread to another part of the body, such as the liver, brain, bones, or lungs — there’s no right or wrong way to feel. Processing all of the information about your diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming. Read More

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To Life! Reiki Practitioner Offers Virtual Healing During Coronavirus
Judy Rosch, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

My name is Judy Rosch and I have been a volunteer for To Life! for a few years at least. Read More

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Most Frequently Asked Wig Questions
By Alice Dunican, Wig Fitter at To Life!

Interested in learning more about how to best care for your wig?Read More

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Tips from the Trenches When Facing Chemotherapy
From CancerConnect & Maven Health Network

When Roxanne Brown was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, she often found herself wading through piles of information and endless online resources in an attempt to find answers to questions about her treatment and the related side effects. Read More

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An Open Letter to My Patient on the Day of Her Mastectomy
Niki, your Nurse Practitioner First Assistant on the Surgical Team

Today is the day. I am a member of the surgical team who will take care of you -- the team that will remove your breast to treat the cancer that has tried to make a home in your body. We all have our role today, and the world would see yours to be the "patient." I see it as something more: a powerful gift to us.Read More

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Fast Breast MRI Seems to Find More Cancers in Dense Breasts Than 3D

A 10-minute breast MRI exam called Fast Breast MRI found more cancers than 3D mammograms in women with dense breasts, according to a study. The research was published on Feb. 25, 2020, by the journal JAMA. Read More

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Survivor Creates Eyebrow Tutorial To Show Others How To Draw Realistic Eyebrows
By Elizabeth Nelson

Many cancer patients lose more than just the hair on their heads when they go through chemotherapy. Luckily, if you’ve completely or partially lost your eyebrows, you can draw them on pretty realistically. That’s where Christina comes in.Read More

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Cuidados de seguimiento después del tratamiento del cáncer de seno - Follow Up Care After Breast Cancer Treatment English version please visit above link.

Muchas mujeres se sienten aliviadas y entusiasmadas al finalizar el tratamiento del cáncer de seno. Pero este momento también puede ser inquietante, si se siente preocupada(o) de que el cáncer regrese, o perdida(o) al no ver tan a menudo a su equipo de atención médica contra el cáncer.Read More

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Three Guided Practices to Find Calm and Equanimity
By Linda Graham from Mindful@Home

Resilience expert Linda Graham offers three guided breathing practices as part of the Mindful@Home series. Read More

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A Soothing Skincare Routine Before and After Chemo
Medically reviewed by Christina Chun, MPH on March 31, 2019 — Written by Heather Cruickshank

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer. It has many potential benefits when it comes to effectively treating cancer, but it also tends to cause side effects...You can take steps to manage the skin-related side effects of chemo, including steps that minimize discomfort. Read More

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Don't Pressure Yourself to be Productive Right Now
By Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

As we shelter in place, many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than ever before....Chances are you’re facing high stress and anxiety every day, missing your loved ones while maybe also craving alone time, worrying about making ends meet, and/or trying to figure out the whole home school thing. Read More

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The Health Benefits of Gardening
By April Zubko

Few people think of gardening as might be the perfect exercise when it comes to breast health, because it makes a positive impact on almost every controllable breast cancer risk factor.Read More

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Affirmations for Coping during Coronavirus Times
Gioia Chilton, PhD, ATR-BC, LCPAT, CSAC

What I do matters for my communityRead More

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Common Questions About the New Coronavirus Outbreak - As of April 14, 2020
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM

The global pandemic of the coronavirus disease, called COVID-19, is having a serious impact on many people, including cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. While the news about this outbreak is changing daily, knowing some basic facts about what can and cannot be done to help protect you and others from getting sick can be very empowering. Read More

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How to Cope with Loneliness During the Coronavirus Pandemic
By Arlin Cuncic and Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW

Whether you are quarantined due to suspected exposure, staying home because you are in a high-risk category, or at home to help prevent the spread of infection, you may find yourself unprepared for the feelings of loneliness that will likely follow.Read More

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Breast Care in the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Written By Laura Esserman, MD, MBA

As anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis will tell you, the anxiety that comes with it is one of the worst parts. The COVID-19 crisis has now added yet another layer to this anxiety. Read More

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10 Intentions To Set For Your Most Authentic Life
By Chandresh Bhardwaj via Bhardwaj is the 7th generation spiritual teacher and meditation guide who hails from a lineage of traditional Indian gurus.

Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go—it becomes the driving force behind your goals and visions. This may be a useful tool during these challenging times.Read More

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How Cancer Gave Me Life
Adrienne Brown is a Breast Cancer Warrior, mother to two teenage children, and wife to a supportive husband and caregiver.

My cancer diagnosis gave me life. Something designed to sideline me, actually turned out to be my gift.Read More

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Meditation – is it for you?
Weill Cornell Medicine -

How are you doing? In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s okay for your answer to be “not so good.” Dealing with the spread of the novel COVID-19 can be stressful. You may now be working from home while also caring for and homeschooling children or worried about the health of a loved one. Read More

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Grocery Shopping Follow Up and Tips on How to Make Decisions When Information is Conflicting
By Julie Lanford MPH, RD, CSO, LDN via

What used to be a simple practice of grocery shopping for ourselves and family has become stressful. How do we make the best decisions when information is conflicting.Read More

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Tools to Cope with A Diagnosis During COVID-19
By Chris Breton, Assistant Director at To Life!

The world as we know it has changed due to COVID-19. We now social distance. We are told to “stay in place” to stop the spread of coronavirus. Flatten the curve. Everyone is worried about their health and the health of their loved ones. And in addition to all that’s happening, you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and waiting to start treatment.Read More

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COVID-19 and Breast Cancer Care: What Patients Need to Know
BCRF Scientific Director Dr. Judy Garber -

During these uncertain times, everyone’s wondering what they should do to stay healthy and how to protect themselves from novel coronavirus COVID-19. Those diagnosed with breast and other cancers have ongoing concerns about immunity and continuing treatment, adding an extra layer of fear.Read More

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Schooling at Home During Covid-19
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP Support Services Program Manager at To Life! and former homeschooling mom

When the school year began last fall, no one imagined that much of the country’s youth would be receiving their education in their own homes by spring, and often alongside parents doing their full-time jobs remotely as well. Read More

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Lessons from Cancer Patients in a Time of Coronavirus
By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service -

For the immunocompromised and those with disease, social distancing and uncertainty are a way of life. Daily walks, gratitude and dancing help.Read More

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Cancer and COVID-19: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself
Tara Haelle and Medically Reviewed by Thomas Marron, MD, PhD -

If you're being treated for cancer, what should you do to protect yourself from this coronavirus?Read More

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How to Care for Synthetic Wigs
Alice Dunican, Boutique Associate and Wig Fitter at To Life!

A lot of people ask me what the best steps are to keep their wig looking shiny, healthy, and to maximize the life of their wigs. Here are some suggestions and tips.Read More

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How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus When Grocery Shopping
Tobie Stanger via

With experts saying people should avoid crowded places because of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, how should you handle grocery shopping?Read More

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Use It, Don’t Lose It - March 25, 2020

We’ve all been there – staring into the fridge, wondering when and how we’re going to use the almost-expired groceries staring back at us. Read More

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Easing Bedtime Worries
By Joan Bender, MA, LMHC, HC, BCST

When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? Here are some strategies to consider.Read More

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Mental, Emotional, and Social Health During COVID-19
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP, Support Services Manager at To Life!

Maintaining mental, emotional and social health may sound like a tall order in the midst of a pandemic requiring social distancing, self-isolation, cancellations, school and business closings and related job, family and financial challenges. Add to that a breast cancer diagnosis, and it sounds nearly impossible. But times like these are exactly when a commitment to self-care and mental, emotional and social health has to be nonnegotiable.Read More

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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19/2019-nCoV): Risk Reduction
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP - Support Services Program Manager at To Life!

Considerable information is swirling around about Novel Coronavirus COVID-19/2019-nCoV and it can be disconcerting.Read More

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How To Be A Support for Someone With Cancer
Chris Breton, Assistant Director at To Life!

Someone recently asked me about ways a family, friend, or community can be supportive of someone going through breast cancer treatment.Read More

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Fertility Preservation Before Breast Cancer Treatment
Young Survival Coalition -

Fertility preservation before treatment is an option for women who want to protect their ability to have genetically related children in the future.Read More

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Palliative Care 101: How is it Different from Hospice?
Young Survival Coalition - January 23, 2020 via

Palliative care is a style of medical care that focuses on the care of the person as a whole. A common misconception is that palliative care is meant for end of life only.Read More

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Top "Power Foods" to Combat or Help With Side Effects
Julie Lanford, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN - October 17, 2019 via

Sometimes cancer treatment can result in poor appetite, difficulty eating or challenges with digesting food.Read More

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What I Learned About Food Labels
Chris Breton, Assistant Director at To Life!

I must admit, I'm a new food label reading convert after attending the Food Label Reading Class with Patty Wukitsch, RDN from Hannaford Supermarket. Read More

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Book Review by Jan Lafayette: The Cancer Fighting Kitchen

Some of my early concerns as I prepared for chemotherapy were: How am I going to eat? Will I be nauseous? Will I feel like eating?Read More

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Breast Cancer Preventive Effects of Anastrozole Continue Long After Treatment Ends
By Megan Brooks via

The benefits of the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole for breast cancer prevention in high-risk postmenopausal women extend well beyond the five-year treatment periodRead More

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Shining a Light on Depression
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP - Support Services Program Manager at To Life!

The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 4 people, diagnosed with cancer, experiences clinical depression. Read More

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Yoga Has Benefits During Chemo in Women With Breast Cancer
Megan Brooks -

For women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy, participating in weekly yoga sessions can help reduce nausea and sleep problems and improve wellbeing, according to a randomized pilot study.Read More

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The Power of Journaling During Breast Cancer Treatment

Did you know that journaling during breast cancer treatment can improve your physical and mental health?Read More

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After Breast Cancer: Challenges of Creating a "New Normal"
Karen Collins, MS, RDN, CDN - via American Institute for Cancer Research website

People who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have diverse nutrition issues - both during and after cancer treatment. The recommendations provided by AICR to reduce cancer risk can provide an excellent framework, but the recommendations may not be appropriate for someone temporarily struggling with eating.Read More

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Exercise Alters Breast Cancer Tumor Gene Expression
Pam Harrison via

For the first time, a study has shown that exercise has a direct biological effect on breast tumor gene expression...Read More

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Textured Breast Implant Information and Follow Up to 2019 Beat the Odds Conference
Martha McCormick, Contributing Writer with Collaboration from Mara Ginsberg

What to Know & What to Ask your Health Care Providers about Textured ImplantsRead More

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What Genes MAY Tell Us
Martha McCormick, Contributing Writer

Most of those diagnosed with breast cancer wonder if there is some genetic influence. Medical practitioners look at family history of cancer to see if genetic testing is indicated.Read More

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Onions and Garlic May Protect Against Breast Cancer
Written by Ana Sandoiu and Fact Checked by Gianna D'Emilio

New research examines the consumption of onion and garlic among women in Puerto Rico and suggests that the vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.Read More

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Gratitude Is Good For You
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP - To Life! Support Services Manager

Thanksgiving is upon us and with the season comes increased focus on gratitude, but where does gratitude fit with a breast cancer diagnosis?Read More

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Coping with Cancer During the Holidays - Edited by Alyson Erardy, MSW, LMSW

Holidays are traditionally viewed as a time to celebrate. However, sometimes people with cancer and their loved ones feel "out of step" from the rest of the world during the holidays.Read More

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Oncoplastic Surgery - Where Cancer Care and Breast Conservation Meet
Gabriel Kaufman, MD and Sarah Pesek, MD with St. Peter's Breast Surgery

Where many cases of breast cancer in the past would not have been considered for breast conservation surgery, new technologies and advanced techniques have revolutionized breast cancer care.Read More

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New Evolution-Busting Drug Overcomes Resistance in Aggressive Breast Cancers
Institute of Cancer Research - Science Daily, October 5, 2019

A new type of drug that blocks one of cancer's key evolutionary escape routes from chemotherapy could be used to treat aggressive breast cancers, a new study has shown.Read More

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What Does October Mean to You?
Eileen Howe Bird, Executive Director of To Life!

We have come to associate the color pink with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come October, pink decorations, pink clothing, and references to breast cancer pop up all over. What does October mean to you? Read More

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You've Survived Cancer. What Comes Next?
Laura Landro

As more patients are successfully treated for cancer, a daunting new challenge awaits; navigating the physical and emotional challenges of being a survivor.Read More

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Don't Postpone Joy
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC, HHP - To Life! Support Services Manager

Even in the midst of breast cancer and treatment, there is room for joy.Read More

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New Study Finds Changes in Cancer Cells When Exposed To "Energy Healing"
Arjun Walia

A new study has found that healing intention and energy can be stored and used to treat breast cancer cells in vitro. It's one of many examples of mind-matter interaction, and mind-body connection.Read More

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Elevating Narratives of Women of Color Affected by Breast Cancer
Jasmine Souers and Marissa Thomas, Co-Founders of For the Breast of Us

Two women of color diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age join forces to create an organization to uplift women of color affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.Read More

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The Color of Health
Melanie McCulley, MS., BCC

You may have heard it said that the key to good nutrition is eating a rainbow, but what does that mean?Read More

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Fear in Perspective
Melanie McCulley, MS, BCC

Keeping fear in perspective, and not losing one's self in it, is a part of the healing process and of moving forward during treatment and beyond.Read More

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Much research is being done on how acupuncture can help relieve some of the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. Acupuncture has been shown to help relieve fatigue, hot flashes, nausea, vomiting and pain.Read More

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Sex After Cancer
Ronni Gordon

Learn how female breast and gynecologic cancer survivors regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence after cancer treatment.Read More

blog image
Exposure to Chemicals In Sunscreen

The chemicals used in sunscreen can help protect us from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays but what are the associated risks for people with breast cancer.Read More

blog image
New Findings Indicate Additional Benefits of Exercise to Breast Cancer Survivors
Yasmine Pezeshkpour

Can exercise reduce the risk of heart disease in women with breast cancer?Read More

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Hike With To Life!
Anne Lawton

Read this fantastic blog post written by Hike with To Life! leader and Survivor Anne Lawton. Here, she describes how the cancer journey is like hiking a mountain and explains a little bit about what the Hike with to Life! program can do for you!Read More

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Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle On!
Cathy Malchiodi PhD, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, REAT

On Saturday March 16th To Life! will be hosting a Zentangle art class from 10am to noon. Learn about what Zentangle is and how it can help promote relaxation and mindfulness. Read More

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Qigong for Cancer Patients
Lynne Eldridge, MD

To Life! will be offering Qigong classes this Spring. Learn more about what Qigong is and how it can benefit cancer patients.Read More

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Let's Chat with Energy Healer, Susan Sperber
Sue Abbuhl

Practitioner Susan Sperber provides complimentary Magdalena Energy Healing Sessions to survivors at our Delmar office on Thursday afternoons. To learn more about Susan, Magdalena Energy Healing and its benefits, read on!Read More

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Everyday Wellness: The Well Stocked Pantry
Sue Abbuhl, Community Outreach Coordinator

Eating healthy is made easier by having a few wholesome ingredients at your fingertips. Read on for a few suggestions of ingredients that everyone should have in their pantry!Read More

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What’s Your Stage? Notes on biologic factors in the 8th Edition Cancer Staging Manual
Martha McCormickDirector of Education

Read on as our Director of Education, Martha McCormick, explains the 8th Edition Cancer Staging Manual as it pertains to a breast cancer diagnosis.Read More

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Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne Riddett
Joanne Riddett

Every day we marvel at the good work of countless volunteers here at To Life! We have committed space in each newsletter so we can share the backstory of some of them.Read More

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I’m So Glad You Asked That Question!- Boutique Q & A’s
Unknown Author

Here we highlight questions asked about our wig and mastectomy products boutiques. The Q&A may help you better understand what they offer and how they can help.Read More

blog image
Palliative Care for Chronic Illnesses
Unknown Author

In this informative article, our Director of Education, Martha McCormick discusses new research on Palliative Care and how it can help many struggling with chronic illness.Read More

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Wellness Therapies

To Life! offers Reiki and Healing Touch at no charge to patients, survivors, and caregivers by appointment. Each of these therapies promotes relaxation and healing, and clients leave our doors with a sense of calm and positivity.Read More

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Do I Need a Mastectomy? Thoughts from a Breast Surgeon
Gabriel Kaufman, MD

Dr Gabriel Kaufman, Breast Surgeon at St Peter's Hospital Breast Center, shares information and insights into the surgical decisions related to Breast Cancer.Read More

blog image
You Mean I Might Not Need Chemo? Understanding the TAILORx Study
Martha McCormick MS, EdS

Martha McCormick, Director of Education for To Life! breaks down and explains the groundbreaking TAILORx study that helps further specify when women would benefit from, or might avoid, chemotherapy treatment.Read More

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Voluntary Recall for Certain Textured Breast Implants

The Federal Food and Drug Administration issued a voluntary recall on certain textured breast implants.Here are links to the FDA issued press release and an article from NPR. FDA Press Release: NPR Article: To Life! will address the topic of Post Mastectomy breast implants at upcoming education symposium on August 7, 2019 at the Saratoga City Center. Beat the Odds Registration: Read More