Reopening To Life! Style

Spring flowers ushered in a new era for us here at To Life! After months of working remotely, engaging via telephone, web conferencing, email and texts, we have started a measured process of reopening our physical doors for wig, mastectomy garment and prostheses services. We have followed, and will continue to follow, all guidance provided from health experts and our state government. Members of our staff communicate with those interested in our boutique services to address the best time for in-person fittings. Your health and safety are our priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as appropriate.

Giving a huge shout out to our staff for developing a set of guidelines and a solid plan, then living out the plan over these past weeks. It is no small challenge to apply a discipline of really assessing our own health status, which includes temperature check, as well as asking the same of those coming into our boutique spaces. We learn to adjust plans when we don’t feel well, have a fever, cough or some other health issue. As a society we are adapting to social norms that include mask wearing, maintaining safe distances wherever possible, amping up our hygiene practices and being mindful of those who are most at risk. We give ourselves and others options to stay at home when the risk seems too great.

We are relying on our computer technology so much more now than ever before. Such reliance has opened doors and accelerated our adoption of new (or new to us) programs, apps, social media, etc. Since March, our support groups, our Toast fundraiser, and other programs moved to an online platform and will continue in this manner for the foreseeable future. We have adapted to the current circumstances, with health and safety as our priority, and we’ve received understanding and positive feedback.

Elsewhere on our website you will find the information for our upcoming education program “Beat the Odds”, scheduled for August 5th, starting at 9:00am. We look forward to a wonderful talk by Dr. Jung-Min Lee, Oncologist with the National Institute of Health. Dr. Lee will address the topics of Triple Negative Breast Cancer and breast cancer clinical trials. During this education session we will also hear from two survivors who have participated in breast cancer clinical trials.

To Life! has hosted educational programs since 1998. Programs address topics of interest to breast cancer survivors and are relatable to survivors in the Greater Capital Region and surrounding areas. We almost always draw from our local experts for our presenters. Programs are evidence based and provide an unbiased coverage of a topic. Our goal is to educate and inform.

One of the benefits of hosting our programs via an online portal is the accessibility factor. With in-person events, there can be a geographic challenge of simply getting to the venue. Our virtual events are open to all who have computer and internet access.

Shortly we will share information about our upcoming Women’s Health Conference Series. We have a very exciting line-up in store.  As we continue to get the word out, may I ask you to share our notices and posts with your circle of friends?

Thank you and be well.

Eileen Howe Bird, Executive Director of To Life!

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