Let's Chat With Energy Healer, Susan Sperber

How did you find yourself becoming a Magdelena Energy healer?  As a person who meditates, it found me! I was open to exploring something new that would take me out of my comfort zone with a unique way of serving humanity. Being that I am in a spiritual path, the program resonated with me.

How did you get trained and certified? After a year-long program of deep self-discovery and healing work under the guidance of Her Holiness Sai Maa, I completed 25 required practice sessions along with clients surveys that were reviewed and approved toward my certification.

What is meant by Magdelena frequencies? The Magdalena Frequencies or Energies are Divine Feminine Energy such as tenderness, peacefulness, oneness, devotion and compassion

How might the energy healing sessions help someone with breast cancer? First of all, everything is energy, including breast cancer. Since the Magdalena frequencies are Divine Feminine Energies, they really help the client to relax.

How can I expect to feel during and after my session? Everyone's experience is unique. The more one can open themselves to receive the frequencies and quiet the mind chatter, the more relaxed you will feel during and after the session.

Is there any extension of this that I can do myself at home? Best thing to do is to be mindful of your experience and your feelings and with that awareness take it out into your life and expand on the experience. For example, if the session made you aware of peacefulness within yourself, the next step would be to be aware of how that looks in your outer world in all your relationships.

Fun Questions:

What’s your favorite book? Currently I love you forever by Robert Munsch as I about to become a first time grandma to twin boys!

What’s your favorite food? I enjoy an omelet with loads of veggies.

What’s on your nightstand? Kinda simple.....lamp and clock.

Are you morning person or night owl? Definitely morning person. Up early to meditate and then start the day!

What kind of music do you listen to? Whatever is on the car radio and I really enjoy 70’s music and Motown.


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