Hike With To Life!

Hiking up a mountain is a kind of like going through breast cancer treatment, only it’s a lot more fun and you don’t have to show your breast to anyone.  That is the premise behind “Hike with To Life!  After a successful pilot program last year, we are back for round two of conversation, fun hikes and improving our health.  We already know what cancer can do, now you get to show cancer what you can do.

When you are first diagnosed with cancer you think, wait…what? There is no way I can do this.  And looking up at a mountain, you think there is no way I can hike that.  But you pump yourself up and you start, one step at a time.  Mid way up you think, this is really hard, I don’t know if I can do this any longer.  There is a point in treatment, when you think the same thing.  But you do it and you keep going and when you finally finish, it is a hallelujah moment.  On the mountain top, you tip your face up to the sun, feel your accomplishment flow through you and just like at the end of treatment, you just want to weep with everything it took to get there.  You did it….now you just have to get down off the mountain.  Who knew the downhill would hard, but it is.  Getting back to the trail head is such sweet relief.  But then you need to take some time to recover, lick your wounds, and reflect upon the experience.  Sound familiar, it’s a little like cancer treatment.  It takes time to get your legs back.

            Hiking isn’t marching and it’s not a timed race, it is sauntering along a trail while smelling the fragrance of the woods, finding the forest flowers, hearing the birds and rustling of trees, and looking at the beautiful views. It’s about being in the moment, one step at a time.  It’s about reclaiming your body, the one cancer made you forget about.  It’s about working as a team, finding joy and strength together.  And it’s about women supporting women. 

            To learn more, join us for an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 from 6-7pm at To Life! At 410 Kenwood Avenue in Delmar, NY. 

Anne Lawton, Hike Leader

Community Outreach Nurse, St Peter’s Hospital


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