I’m So Glad You Asked That Question!- Boutique Q & A’s

In this edition of I'm So Glad You Asked That Question!, we answer questions from the To Life! Boutique Mailbox. If you have had or may have a mastectomy or lumpectomy or are starting chemotherapy these answers are very informative and will explain how To Life!'s mastectomy boutique and wig boutique can help you on your cancer journey.

Dear friends at To Life!,
I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatments. I was lucky not to need a mastectomy with reconstruction or a prosthesis. However, now that everything is healed I find that none of my bras fit well and my clothing isn’t fitting well either. Any suggestions? Feeling a Little Less Lucky

Dear Little Less Lucky,
Thanks for asking that question. Things may be looking up for you! When I am contacted following a mastectomy, I say that we have breast forms that can fit just about anyone. Well, the same goes for lumpectomies. It’s not unusual for a breast to be changed in size or shape following breast conserving surgery such as lumpectomy. And it doesn’t take much to affect how clothing fits and looks on your body. Fortunately the makers of prostheses also make partial breast forms that can be fitted to your individual needs. Feel free to contact us at 439-5975. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Dear To Life!,
Last Fall I had a mastectomy and purchased a breast form prosthesis. It has been fine but now summer is coming. I’m done with treatment and much more active, I’m wondering about swimming and other activities wearing the prosthesis. Do you have any suggestions?
Time to Get Moving!

Dear Get Moving,
I’m so glad you are done with treatment and looking forward to an active summer. In general, your prosthesis will go where you go. But there may be some useful modifications for activity. First of all, you can use your prosthesis in the pool, ocean, etc. Just make sure to wash it and dry it off afterwards. And you may want to get a mastectomy swim suit. These look like regular suits but have pockets in the bras for your prosthesis.
Our boutiques carry breast forms made specifically for swimming and athletics. They are lighter and have a type of filling that water runs through. You can also get mastectomy sports bras that look just like regular ones but have the pocket inserts for your prosthesis. Enjoy the summer!

Dear To Life!,
A few years ago, I dealt with hair loss due to chemo for breast cancer and was fitted for wig at To Life!. My friend in now being treated for Lymphoma and will be losing her hair. Is there anyplace she can go for help with that?
Wanting to help my friend

Dear Wanting to help,
We are sorry for your friend’s situation and want you to know that our wig boutique is open to all women dealing with medically related hair loss. Due to her diagnosis and treatment, she may have insurance coverage for a wig as a “cranial prosthesis”. One of you should give us a call at (518) 439-5975 to see how we can help.

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